About Us

Domino Solutions is a team of seasoned marketing professionals and proven technology innovators.
We’ve seen the growing complexity and the increasing challenges that are facing today’s marketing
organizations. We know that marketers are dealing with increased pressure from all sides.

Ask any marketer why they chose this career path, and they’ll tell you they love the strategic and creative
aspects of the business. But in today’s marketing world, their focus is often on managing the daily “fire drills.”

We want marketers to gain control… to wake up every morning with less anxiety over what happened
yesterday, what needs to happen today, and what could happen tomorrow.

Most enterprise marketing management solutions require 3-5 years to implement, cost millions, take years
to achieve ROI, and require significant behavior change. Point solutions can quickly be added, but often
require new training and behavior change – and can create data silos that make comprehensive planning,
visibility, and measurement difficult. And above all, most are tactical tools that don’t deliver true intelligence.

Now more than ever, marketing is expected to have an important seat at the management table – and bring
insights similar to process-driven areas like Finance and Operations.

All these factors led us to develop Domino Decisions™, a platform that gives marketers the tools they need to
spend less time battling the mechanics of planning, execution, and measurement, and spend more time
following their passion—driving their business, increasing performance, and blowing away the competition.