Smarter, Faster Marketing

Domino Decisions™ gives you the power to do the right things.
With 360-degree visibility, you’ll be able to make better, faster decisions. What tactical mix should be most effective?
How much volume does each tactic need to deliver the best results? How is marketing performing, and what
adjustments can make it perform better?

Domino Decisions is grounded in proven benchmarks and best practices. Information from top global educators,
analysts and associations is aggregated, filtered, and continually updated. With a data-driven marketing approach
companies can see marketing effectiveness increase by 10-30%*. That means Domino Decisions can
generate a minimum of 900% ROI within three years.

Domino Decisions gives your marketing team the power to gain efficiency by doing things right….

Make the planning process much faster and easier. Accomplish multiple steps – budgeting, communications planning,
projections, and workflows – by simply dragging and dropping a tactic onto an intuitive calendar.

Get the insights you need to maximize marketing performance quickly and easily with integrated, real-time
analytics and a flexible pre-built reporting library. No significant investment in time or resources required.

Domino Decisions expedites marketing planning, execution, and measurement—creating a 25-50%* increase
in efficiency throughout your company’s marketing functions. The result: your marketing team will be more
agile and free to focus on strategic and creative thinking.